Here at The Nihon Ken Network, we want to compile useful information, websites and contacts to those interested in the Nihon Ken breeds, while offering specialised support to individuals within the UK who are learning or hoping to import one of these unique, rare breeds. Our goal is to help you find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to the Nihon Ken. Due to the rarity of these breeds, information can be difficult to come by, so we aim to provide as much as we can in one place. This website is run in cooperation with the Nihon Ken Network Discord, this means any questions you may have, we can discuss together and answer as soon as possible.

Image © Shōga Kensha

All the sources for our information are listed under the Useful Links page, which may provide further information.

Special thanks to our writers:

  • Lindsey Hiscocks of Toboetsuki Inuits and Hokkaido Ken – for all her hard work as the editor in helping with writing the website.
  • Liv Mozumder – for providing important veterinary knowledge about the breeds.

Special thanks to everyone who provided images and information for the website:

  • CJ McCammon of Akiyama no Roushya
  • Shigeru Kato of Nihon Ken Blog
  • Autumn Arsenault of Shōga Kensha
  • Sophie Allen
  • Seth Abaci
  • Adele Eckelmann
  • And the members of the Nihon Ken Discord

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